Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a Master Recycler? By becoming a knowledgeable ambassador of waste prevention, you make positive, local change that has both short-term gains and long-term benefits. You will be helping to reduce waste in real time, but also helping to build an ethic of conservation among people of all ages. Plus, you will have lots of fun meeting a wide variety of people who are interested in sustainability, and you will become part of a growing community of Master Recyclers who enjoy sharing zero waste meals and stories of our waste diversion adventures together.

Who can become a Master Recycler? Anyone who lives or works  in Jackson County can become a Master Recycler, and we also open to the class to others if there is space available. Master Recyclers are community members of all ages, students, professionals, retirees, parents, young adults, public officials, and business representatives. You can find Master Recyclers at Jackson County, the City of Medford, Grange Co-op, Rogue Creamery, City of Central Point, Crater High School, Trans-Link, Habitat for Humanity,  Rogue Valley Growers Market, Harry & David, Goodwill, and many more local businesses and organizations. They share knowledge and motivate others at workplaces, schools, churches, community events, and meetings across the County.

I already know how to recycle, what else is there to learn? Learning what goes into a recycle bin is only one piece of the course. The training covers a wide range of topics about waste disposal processes (including plastics, electronics, and more), hazardous waste avoidance, composting and worm composting, tips for reusing items, the local solid waste infrastructure/facilities, and waste prevention. The course includes weekly presentations from experts, an extensive training manual, discussion-based classes, and techniques for community outreach. Field trips to relevant sites include the regional landfill, composting facility, waste-to-energy plant, and wastewater treatment plant. The Master Recycler training program focuses on education, community service, on making community connections.

When should service hours be completed? Master Recyclers have one year from when the training begins to complete 30 service hours.

Why is there a fee for the class? Program fees directly support the needs of the program. The Master Recycler coordinator is happy to accommodate participants who require a payment plan or other financial options. Some scholarships are available.

When and where is the Master Recycler training held? The 6-week training will  be held on Tuesdays, beginning on Tuesday, September 27th. Class runs from 5:30-8:00 pm in the Rogue Disposal Corporate Offices, One West Main Street in Medford.

Where do I go for more information? Email the Master Recycler coordinator.

What happens once I have completed the training and my service hours? The saying goes, “Once a Master Recycler, always a Master Recycler”…but you are asked to take some steps to maintain this meaningful title! MRs stay active each year by completing at least 10 hours of volunteer service and/or by attending related classes, workshops or events. We will stay in touch with you to keep you posted on opportunities for involvement, as well as to keep you current on the latest industry news and “must knows,” so that you can accurately share information throughout our community.

How is the Master Recycler class supported? Jackson County Master Recycler program is supported the Jackson County Recycling Partnership (JCRP). Jackson County Recycling Partnership. JCRP is a consortium of governments and waste haulers formed to address County-wide solid waste issues and to sponsor waste education programs for area citizens. JCRP holds quarterly meetings, with attendance from other solid-waste related organizations and businesses encouraged.